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Open Calls For Submissions:

Static Movement is working to publish the following new anthologies. We welcome your submission. You may query by emailing Static Movement here,  which is also the submission address for all anthologies that have an Asterisk * by the name. All others have different editors with different addresses you can find on the forum under the anthology you are interested in. Please click on the different titles for the submission email address. The ezine has its own address by reading the guidelines page.


Twain-ish for C. D. Turner

Anthologies available to buy:

The following anthologies are available at the links provided, by clicking on the title. These are all Static Movement print books: available at amazon,, and as well as other online bookstores. Anthologies that are in editing point to their forum.

Noir for C. D. Turner
Poe-It for C. D. Turner
Anthologies ready to publish
Deathly Encounters


If Thine Eye Offend Thee, that was published in the  Science Gone Mad  anthology by Jacob Ruby now has a film associated with it, watch now. 


Consett library in County Durham, England , Static Movement's Yarns for Our Youth II


Gregory Miller's story Ms. Jennings' Family in our anthology Madness of the Mind gets an honorable mention for Ellen Datlow's Best Horror of the Year Volume 3

Shane Ward took this picture... of this Static Movement anthology Tales of Salt and Sorrow edited by Dorothy Davies on display by the wheel of a London bus!! Anyone need any more proof that our work gets out there??????

Emma Kathryn had these posters made by Adam Turner to help publicize her Novella, Glitter and Trauma that is in The Shadow People.


Helen Harrison of YaYe Design made this movie-theatre-lobby size poster that will be displayed at The Fictioneers party at BALTICON, Saturday nite, Memorial Day Weekend. Yeah, go Michael Hanson, founder of the Fictioneers!

Fictioneers Neal Levin, Dina Leacock, CJ Henderson, and Author James 
Daniel Ross and Michael Hanson (Fictioneer Founder not pictured). Michael Hanson says:

The Fictioneers party at BALTICON last weekend was a big success!  The entire sheet cake I ordered for the event was polished off in the Con Suite, and free Fictioneers Dog Tags were passed out to any and all interested individuals.  
I recruited five authors to our ranks, as is reflected in today's Roll Call at the main Fictioneers website.  

Check out The Fictioneers facebook page for a couple of photos taken at the party.


The most fun thing about being an editor and publisher is hearing from contributors. These ladies are in the Static Poetry 1 and 2 books, and met to sign the books! Thank you ladies!

On the left is Rachael Stanley (static 2), Maire Morrissey-Cummins and Maeve Hennegan (Static 1 and 2).


Another Static Movement book signing. I love you guys! Wish I was there~!



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