by Marciano Malvar Guzman

The news he received from friends
was ordinary. Past midday,
he saw roads unwind, trees bathed
in shards of light.

Unknown continents called.
Years in blocks have fathered thoughts.
He felt someone move as he pointed
to the bleak night outside.

Prehistoric winds stirred across
a field of quiet snow.
On the wayside, he saw hands
turning beneath the leaves.
Finally, he faced the chilly wind,
the brightness where he came from.


Biographical Note:

Marciano Malvar Guzman is a poet, philosopher and certified public accountant based in the Philippines. He received post-graduate degrees in Journalism and Philosophy from universities in Spain and Italy. Breaking into Light , his collection of 100 selected poems, was published by the University of Asia and the Pacific in Manila. His poetry has appeared mostly in Philippine national print publications like Philippines Free Press, Solidarity and Philippine Graphic , among others. More recent credits include online magazines like Flutter Poetry Journal .